"Zynga relies on Locus Solutions as a valued partner to implement and support our Business Intelligence system. Locus helped us migrate from an Excel-based environment to a best-in-class IBM Cognos FPM system without impacting our ongoing financial planning and analysis processes. Locus has enabled Zynga to achieve best practices for fast, efficient forecasting, modeling and reporting, working at ‘Zynga speed' to keep our internal teams executing and focused on what they do best."
Scott Casey, Sr. Director, Financial Planning and Analysis

"The team at Locus consistently exhibits their deep understanding of the critical success factors customers need to achieve in choosing and implementing an optimal architecture, while exposing key trends in approaches, tools, and technologies that will impact the BI infrastructure in the future."
Don Campbell, CTO

"We've quickly experienced the benefits of implementing innovative IBM Cognos software and working with our expert partner Locus Solutions."
Casey Razma, Vice President of Finance
California Na tural Products

"Locus is a trusted partner who has consistently met their commitments. By bringing business and technical expertise to the table, they delivered important Business Analytics solutions to TriNet both on-time and in-budget."
Paul Sheirich, Director of Applications Development
TriNetGorup, Inc.

"Locus has an experienced technical team and their employees are skilled, knowledgeable, and extremely committed to the success of Daptiv."
Chris Broyles, VP Professional Services
Daptiv, Inc.

"Locus is a company that works hard in understanding customer needs and has shown strong commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, on-time and on-budget."
Ed Lee, Senior BA Manager

"Locus has been an extension of our team. They are very knowledgeable and flexible so we call upon them often to help us in learning new areas."
Cindy Robertson, Director of Informatics
Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

"Working with Locus has been a tremendous experience for MARKON. Their insight and approach to developing our solution is commendable and backed by very highly competent consultants and technical experts. And, obviously we could not have gone this far without there help."
Barb Epperson, VP Finance
MARKON Cooperative, Inc.

"Locus Solutions helped me find and implement the best reporting system for my company's needs. They assisted with great knowledge and skill through installation, setup, implementation, and training, and were available 24 hours a day when we needed them. I recommended them to another company that I work with and would recommend them again, and would without reservation go to them for any similar project in the future. I could not have had the success that I did without Locus Solutions."
William Roberts, Director of IT
Church Brothers, LLC.

Mar 13, 2014: Locus Solutions to sponsor and attend the IBM Business Analytics Summit 2014 in Chicago, IL on March 13, 2014 - Click here to Register.     Mar 18, 2014: Locus Solutions to sponsor and attend the IBM Business Analytics Summit 2014 in San Francisco, CA on March 18, 2014 - Click here to Register.     Mar 20, 2014: Locus Solutions to sponsor and attend the IBM Business Analytics Summit 2014 in Costa Mesa, CA on March 20, 2014 - Click here to Register.     Locus Solutions to participate in IBM Information on Demand 2013 at Las Vegas.     Locus Solutions IBM Cognos BI 10.2 Release event in Portland and Seattle.     Locus Solutions partners with Rackspace a cloud computing based service provider.     Locus Solutions to participate in Big Data, Integration & Governance Forum at San Francisco.     Locus Solutions to participate at the IBM Performance in Seattle.     Locus Solutions to sponsor IBM Performance Events in San Francisco and Seattle.     Locus Solutions expands into IBM Infosphere product line bringing end-to-end capabilities to customers from datawarehousing to business analytics.     Locus Solutions Luanches Lifecycle Management Tools for Cognos at IBM Information On Demand.      Locus Solutions to host the Cognos Bay Area User group meeting on Aug 17 at IBM Innovation Center in Foster City.      Locus Solutions to participate at the IBM Performance Days in Seattle.     Locus Solutions Locus Solutions Delivers Best-in-Class Business Intelligence Systems for AngioScore, California Natural Products, Zynga and Many Other Market Leaders.     Locus Solutions to showcase at Gartner Business Intelligence Summit.     Locus Solutions to showcase at IBM Finance Forum in multiple cities.     Locus Solutions to showcase at Information On-Demand Days.     Locus Solutions to showacase at IBM Business Analytics Performance Day event.     Locus Solutions to participate in the IBM Cognos 10 Virtual Launch.     Locus Solutions to showcase Business Analytics solutions at IBM Governance Forum at The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, California.     Locus Solutions to showcase at Business Analytics solutions at Forum for a Smarter Planet: New Intelligence at Hyatt Regency, Bellevue, Washington.     IBM invites Jeetu Lakhotia, CEO, Locus Solutions Inc., on the IBM Cognos Express Panel Discussion at IBM IOD.      Locus Solutions selected to participate in the beta program for the next release of IBM Cognos Express     Locus Solutions to showcase Business Analytics solutions at Forum for a Smarter Planet: New Intelligence at Hyatt Regency, San Francisco.      Locus Solutions to participate in IBM Cognos Software Finance Forum at Seattle.     Locus Solutions to participate in IBM Cognos Software Finance Forum at San Mateo.     Locus Solutions invited to Business Partner Appreciation Event to be held in San Francisco.     Locus launches Cognos Express in Seattle.     Locus selected to participate in Cognos Express launch.     Manufacturing Business Technology: Tool talk: Mobile workers report back with BA-enabled smart devices.     Locus Solutions to exhibit in the Partner showcase at IBM's Information On Demand Comes To You – Unlocking the business Value of Information. March 12, 2009 at the "IOD Comes To You" event in San Francisco.     Locus Solutions to participate in Cognos Performance at Los Angeles and San Francisco locations. Designed to provide immediate value to IT and Business customers alike, this event will show you how to gain more from your current investment in Cognos as well as the value new solutions can provide to your organization.     IBM upgrades Cognos BA 8.4, expands mobile capabilities.     Locus Solutions selected to participate in Beta program for the release of Cognos BA 8.4.     Join us at the Cognos Forum in Las Vegas. Visit Cognos Forum today. When you register, please remember to include our code, PPLOCUS, on your registration form and save yourself an extra $100.     Locus Solutions announces their participation in Cognos Forum 2008.     Cognos Adds Windows Support To Its Go! Mobile Wireless BA Software by Rick Whiting, CMP Channel.     Cognos Partners with Locus Solutions for their new Go! Mobile solution for Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphones     Jeetu Lakhotia, CEO Locus Solutions presents at Cognos Performance 2007     Microsoft signs Locus Solutions as implementation partner.     Cognos, CRC Health partners with Locus Solutions for Go! Mobile Implementation     Locus Solutions to participate in Cognos Forum 2007    
Cloud computing & Business Analytics Cloud computing & Business Analytics
Mobile Computing Mobile Computing
Search & Unstructured Data Analysis Search & Unstructured Data Analysis

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The competitive edge of modern-day business emerges from creation or discovery of a performance management. A system that increases efficiency, decreases cost or enhances quality confers immediate competitive advantage on its creator and sets a standard for the rest of the industry to follow

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Our proven global delivery model with best-in-class consultants helps deliver an economical solution for all your Performance Management needs including Budgeting & Forecasting, Business Analytics and Data Management solutions.

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Locus offers a range of training options to our customers to suit there application, role, timeline and preferred learning format. Training can be offered as classroom training, computer based training, or instructor-led online courses and customized training programs that are designed to match your unique requirements.

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Locus is a strategy and technology consultancy that helps leading companies use performance management solutions to achieve competitive advantage and operational excellence. Our goal is to help you deploy and manage a complete range of information requirements ranging from budgeting & forecasting to enterprise reporting to use of innovative Business Analytics technologies like Mobile and Search.

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